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by Shawn Wesner | photos contributed

Life is uncertain. The future is not promised. What lessons have you gained you now wish to share with others? What do you want your family and friends to know about you? A legacy can teach us about life, about ourselves and others. Lasting Legacy Online helps you share that legacy.

Lasting Legacy Online (LLO), a new Topeka tech company, is a platform where you can share the richness of your life. A questionnaire, consisting of 75 questions broken into eight chapters, walks you through childhood to present day, prompting you through the entire writing process (if desired). Thanks to the Kay McFarland Living Trust, you can share your life story completely free of charge.

Justice McFarland understood the importance of living fully. She was the first woman appointed as theChief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kansas. She bred championship horses, traveled throughout Africa, and committed her life to public service. McFarland believed that everyone had a unique perspective to share, and through stories we are able to teach and learn.

Kay Trio

Your legacy isn’t solely your life story. It’s the lasting impressions you have on the world. It’s the impact you’ve made upon others. Where you have traveled to, the people you have met. It’s your belief and values systems, your hopes for yourself and others. It’s the uniqueness of you. Read Justice Kay McFarland’s unique story, in her own words on Lasting Legacy Online – then start yours (for free).

As part of McFarland’s commitment to service, she ensured through the Lasting Legacy Online website that every single person could write their life story, free of charge. Thanks to the Kay McFarland Living Trust you will never be charged to share your most valuable asset.

LLO is not a social networking website. It’s your words and your account to share with whom you choose. No one else makes those decisions on your behalf. Your information will always remain confidential and free of charge.

Share with others the gift of your legacy. It’s the one memento no one else has the rights to.

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