The Boy


Lauren Cohan plays a nanny is she applies to take over an English family boy and they tell her that he is still alive. So his parents go away on a trip and she is left there alone with a life size doll but his parents say that he is still alive.

Always love Lauren Conrad she is great in a roll on The Walking Dead the short live TV show Whiskey Cavalier that wasn’t given a real shot but the show is excellent. And I think she’s terrific in this part Conrad plays a part where she scared, suspicious, and there are some really good scenes this movie because she’s taking care of a doll he can’t actually be alive.

I thought this movie was very well directed by William Brent Bell and I thought the writing was pretty good by Stacy Menear.

And I thought there’s a really good unbelievable action scenes in this movie also Lauren Conrad was great because she’s a part of The Walking Dead so she knows how to do action scenes and that just added to the believability her part. So I really enjoyed this movie thought Lauren Conrad was excellent in a role that was very physical roll just like she did in The Walking Dead. And there was so many really good scenes because she’s acting opposite of a doll and I always thought but she was a really good actress and she proves it turn all the way on the Walking Dead but in this movie as well.

MY RATING: 3 out of 4 stars

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