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Banjong Jongthep, Nimnual Ragsdale and Derek Ragsdale are Jong’s Thai Kitchen. That’s it – three lovely people, each with over 10 years of Thai cooking experience and it is divine. 

Three of us visited shortly after opening, and shortly into our visit we relocated to a table set for six – that is how generous and in love they are with their customers. “Our passion for cooking drives us to do our best for our customers.”

Thai food has a wide range of flavors – intense, no spice, mild, medium, hot, Thai hot, sweet and sour. Only the brave will order Thai hot for its toe-curling, mouth-on-fire deliciousness. Whatever your preference, it will be packed with authentic flavor. All dishes are made fresh from scratch so go ahead and customize- vegetarian, gluten free, etc. Don’t know what to order-just ask. Go on a little culinary adventure, and please (please, please) order something off menu. What’s on the off menu? Unknown – depends on what ingredients are available – creating a different delight every time.

Loving to cook was our starting point. Happiness from customer’s faces and seeing them return is our motivation. We enjoy the culture difference, food culture and adopting Americanized tastes while maintaining authentic.Thai style to bring together tow cultures in harmony.

– Jong’s Thai Kitchen
Jong's White Plates
Jong's Main Dish

(On) Menu specials include: Ross’ Curry  made with Thai red curry paste, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, bell pepper, Thai eggplant, krachai and sriracha;  Melissa’s Chicken, named after a favorite customer, is stir fried chicken breast marinated in house seasoning with a splash of white rum, mushrooms, onions and basil in a brown sauce; Linda’s Sweet Chili Noodle, named after Derek’s  mother, is panfried noodles with mushrooms, egg, onions and bell pepper topped with Thai sweet chili sauce. My personal favorite – Tom Kha [Thai coconut soup] not to be confused with Tom Yum [hot and sour soup] – simultaneously light, creamy and filling. Tom Kha speaks to me on a whole different level. The coconut milk balances beautifully with classic Thai flavors of ginger, lemongrass, lime and fish sauce. Ahhh, the fish sauce! 

Have I told you about their homemade peanut sauce? Try it! 

Honestly, just pick up the menu, close your eyes and point. 

-Alison Beebe, seveneightfive flavorista

Jong’s Thai Kitchen is nestled on the corner of SW Taylor and 12th in a cozy but light-filled Holiday Park family eatery. This needs to be on your “must try” list.

“Loving to cook was our starting point. Happiness from customer’s faces and seeing them return is our motivation. We enjoy studying the culture differences, food culture and adopting Americanized tastes while maintaining authentic Thai style to bring together two cultures in harmony.” 

Jong’s Thai Kitchen

800 SW 12th St, Topeka, KS 66612

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By Alison Beebe

Alison Beebe

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