Stirring the Roots


Chef Forrest Frazier Wright invites you on a culinary escapade just 10 miles south of Topeka, at Stirring Soil Farm in Berryton, KS. Imagine farm-to-table fine dining held in the garden where your meal’s organic ingredients were lovingly cultivated. Dedicated to restoring biodiversity in the soil and supporting other local businesses, the farm also raises Mangalista pigs. As stated on the farm’s Facebook page, “By providing access to flavor dense foods, the community becomes healthier, more vested in itself and the land”. Find their products at a farmer’s market near you or
Coming from a creative family of artists, photographers and painters, Forrest’s craft began in the kitchen at age 15. “Just creating the excitement that avante-garde cuisine is alive and well in Topeka. I’m wanting to bring my influences from travel and the work I’ve done in Latin America to Kansas and keep the energy flowing in this creative renaissance. As this project has grown over the years, it’s becoming a staple of fine dining for the area and I’m excited about its future.” Using only nutrient-rich ingredients from Stirring Soil, the chef will create one-of-a kind meals in a series of seasonal dining experiences beginning this June. He is also available for private parties of 8 or more. “My approach is modern, pro-Kansas and very grass roots. These events are my path towards elevating local businesses, like Stirring Soils Farm and bringing new culture to Kansans”. Please contact this innovative and talented chef at, on Facebook or Instagram.
Buying local has benefits beyond mere convenience. When you support local business owners, you get a better level of service, as well as helping make your community a happier, healthier place to live.

By Alison Beebe

Alison Beebe

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