Renaissance Creative: Jordan E. Brooks


Painter, writer, artist, international traveler, teacher, and award-winning are some of the words to describe a famous artist from the Renaissance era. In this case, they’re being used to describe Jordan E. Brooks. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jordan and get an idea of what magic swirls around the mind of a prolific artist. Alternatively, a self-proclaimed creative cannon ready to put a hole in the creative ether.

Born and raised in Topeka and Lawrence, Jordan is both a local and international artist based in the NOTO area. Art and Jordan go back as far as he can remember, but he remembered his first teacher, his mother. She studied architectural engineering and design at Kansas University, and he said he surpassed her drawing ability by the age of five. His family never stopped uplifting. They enrolled him into youth art programs, but he was quickly bumped up to college and teen level programs. After working for hours and hours, and only showing his close friends and family, he realized that art was a fantastic method to communicate with others, especially when words don’t work.

“What’s your goal of your art? There doesn’t have to be one, or even an obtainable one, but where would you like to see yourself?” I asked.

“My goal with art is many aspects I have achieved already as a very young raw powerful talent. Getting national and international attention and awards.” He went on to explain that he believed he was lucky to have connected with local art industries that believe in his creative voice. “I think people like hearing no matter how talented you are, how human you are matters a little more.” What he wanted most was to work on engaging creative art and stay consistently happy.

…no matter how talented you are, how human you are matters a little more.”

“You’ve recently traveled to Italy, do you find that you can feel someone’s love and soul in their work?”

“Talk about a culture that believes personal connection is written into the DNA of any masterworks,” said Jordan. “Having a story that supports the gifted brush strokes on a canvas to grip too this reality shows. I believe you can see all ranges of emotions, not just love through artisans work.” Ultimately, I realized my questions were directed towards headier ideas, and I’d forgotten to ask Jordan how he himself was doing. He was the subject after all.

He went on to list a couple of projects he’s keeping on the front burners. A few murals, an illustrated tale titled, “The Artist Who Found His Colors” and a collection of paintings. In addition to these creative endeavors, he gets hands on with aspiring artists by teaching them to draw.

“Sharing my own twist and introducing them to creative drawing/drawing basics has been a blessing and fun as well as hard.” Amazing to believe that a Kansas native, traveling the world, is in Topeka teaching people the basics of drawing.

“What would you say is your favorite memory from Topeka?” I asked next.
“It’s hard to narrow it down, but one of my favorite memories is getting support from the media outlets on my George Floyd mural which I painted on a boarded up door on a three-story abandoned building that used to reside in NOTO in summer 2020.”
In fact, this mural went on to be featured in a collection of George Floyd murals in USA Today.

Truly, an inspiring individual that clearly cares for people and art. I figured we’d end the interview on a sillier note, because art is represented by both the idea of inspiring change that cannot be easily spoken, but also a child’s drawing of something silly that came from their heart.

“If anthropomorphized, would ranch dressing or BBQ sauce win in a fight?”

“I’d probably vote for BBQ,” said Jordan.

See Jordan E. Brooks work and purchase some amazing art.
Featured artist July 2024 at Amused Gallery, 907 N Kansas Ave.

cover by Jordan E Brooks

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  • I have been a fan for years, and now the proud owner of a Jordan E. Brooks piece. I know it’ll be a prized possession today and in the future. Thank you for sharing your pov and tackling difficult subjects and thoughts in your work.

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