No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas


It is an important book, in a historical context, for the LGBT members of our state. The “note to pages” section alone reads like the back end of a textbook, full of dates, data and court cases significant to the LGBT community. This meticulous research added more to the faculty of the work. This is the reality of LGBT life in Kansas, proven. Let me rephrase my first sentence, “It is an important book …for ALL of Kansans…”

C.J. Janovy chronicles the lives of activists throughout the state who have fount for their right to love openly and for marriage equality. She has captured moments of  activism and heroism -the ups and downs. “No Place Like Home” continues, as C.J. wrote, “…a conversation on LGBT rights with people who’d rather pretend we don’t exist.”

By Huascar Medina

Huascar Medina

Huascar is a poet, writer, and performer who lives in Topeka. He currently works as a freelance copywriter and as the Literary Editor for seveneightfive magazine publishing stories that spotlight literary and artistic events in northeast Kansas. He is the winner of ARTSConnect's 2018 Arty Award for Literary Art.

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