Traditional cuisine from the central region of Mexico. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Delivery available. Los Mandiles Rojos | 1003 SE Quincy

Los Mandiles Drink

Inspired by love, flavor and authenticity.

Everything began in Toluca, Etîlica Estado de Mexico when Gregorio and Martha Castillo opened a small six table eatery. The community fell in love with the pozole and tacos al pastor; the restaurant was also known for its traditional homemade dishes and spicy salsas. 


Trio of Salsa Los Mandiles Rojos

Los Mandiles Rojos, The Red Apron, quickly became the Castillo’s family pride and joy. Several years later, Gregorio moved to New York City in search of the American dream. The remainder of the family soon followed, living in Atlanta before settling in Topeka.

“The more you do the right thing the better the outcome.”

-Alfred Castillo

The family has always been one of authentic Mexican cuisine and passed those recipes and passion through the generations. Gregorio and Martha’s grandson, Carlos Castillo, missed their unique style of traditional Mexican cuisine not found in Topeka. He began to sell machetes and other traditional Mexican meals in his garage along with the help of his parents, Alfredo Castillo and Elvia Aguilar. Their sales outgrew the small kitchen and the grill in their garage. The idea of opening a brick and mortar restaurant grew out of necessity and great respect for their ancestors. 

Los Mandiles Rojos, the Topeka version, was born in the midst of the pandemic inspired by love, flavor and authenticity.

Top sellers include the machete- a huge corn tortilla folded to resemble a machete- filled with your choice of marinated meats, vegetables and cheeses. Red, white and green Pozole. Pambazo- made with pambazo bread dipped and fried in a guajillo pepper sauce and filled with papas con chorizo, lettuce, onion and fresh cheese. You’ll need extra napkins for this one, but so worth it.

Taquitos are served in lieu of chips and salsa and they have a fantastic cocktail menu. I’m partial to the Cantarito – served in beautiful clay cups rimmed with Tajin – tequila, orange juice, lime and a splash of grapefruit soda. This is a true family owned business offering unique Mexican food. Don’t expect Tex Mex- this is traditional  and authentic food from the Central region of Mexico. 

Traditional cuisine from the central region of Mexico. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Delivery available.
Los Mandiles Rojos | 1003 SE Quincy

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