Nestled against the impenetrable outer wall overlooking the common path, it lies in wait, seeking its next challenger. I cautiously approach the perimeter and decide how best to make my attack. My enemy is close.


I am greeted with a smile and a familiar tone as if I am a member of a family that dwells here. Laughter and mirth ensue and my defenses are immediately torn apart. A song in my head escapes my lips and is recognized by the attendant and a common bond is formed that prevents any recovery from this volley of blows. Here I stand, weakened


The decor is simple, almost like a patio. Charming, but thrifty. Simple accouterments adorn the area in and around this eatery of Fairlawn Plaza. It feels somewhat like a meal in the fields of my childhood training. Plastic flatware, paper napkins, and single serving condiments give an economic tint to the surroundings. Unimpressive, but not off-putting. I am quite comfortable here. I begin to nestle in before I remember I am a ninja and should keep vigilant in battle to avoid defeat.


I must fuel up to attempt a recovery and regain the upper hand in this battle by a surprise attack of a large order. Beroks (Bierocks) and sides, pies and cinnamon rolls, there is plenty to satiate this ninja’s hunger and once again I am staggered by this formidable foe who has caught me unawares. 


I procure a meal fit for the Emperor for less than $15. Two beroks, side, two desserts, and a coffee. Surely for prices this low, something is amiss. I am the Food Ninja and I will prevail. If there is weakness in this stronghold, I will find it. I will exploit it. I will come out of this battle victorious. 


Once again, I am momentarily knocked off balance. I recover quickly to find I have consumed everything. Like some war-starved leech, I have eaten every item I ordered. I sit, dazed, empty containers in front of me with only glimpses of the battle that preceded my present circumstance. The side, a salad, was fresh and crisp, full of delights for my taste buds. The beroks, with the exception of what I’m sure was an arbitrarily missed doughy center on one, were savory and hearty, flavorful and filling. The desserts were succulent and satisfying, the pie crust is among the best I’ve tasted. The coffee, well, it can be difficult to make a simple cup of coffee poorly and this cup is just the right addition to my dessert and sits warm in this ninja’s full belly. 

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