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Stylized staging transformed what could have been a haphazard thrift marketplace to Elizabeth Daniel – Décor, an alarm-setting Friday afternoon shopping experience.

The name is Elizabeth Daniel. The page is Elizabeth Daniel – Décor. The ‘what’ is what comes next
If you’ve heard of her, then you know; you most likely were hooked by Elizabeth’s stylized staging, you love the trill and togetherness of the non-auction / auction event, you have Facebook notifications and three alarms set for 4pm every Friday, and (cross fingers) you are now the proud owner of some amazing original art or vintage wares.

What started as treasure hunts through thrift stores and garage sales for her personal home and passion, has turned into a small business on social media. Elizabeth decided to sell individual items she had procured through her thrift journeys on her personal Facebook page and through Facebook Marketplace, although that really wasn’t ideal for her. The next logical step for her was to start a business page. She posted to her personal account one evening about starting Elizabeth Daniel – Décor, inviting friends and family only, and woke to 120 members. Two years later, over 6,500 people spanning both coasts converge (virtually) at Elizabeth Daniel – Décor, located in Tonganoxie, for the chance to purchase original art, vintage and nostalgic must-have wares, be decoratively inspired and chat amongst other décor loving fans.

Every Friday at 8am a grouped photo of what is available to purchase that day is posted. It’s a stylized staging of an idea she is portraying; Elizabeth hopes to show that just because one particular piece comes from a certain era or style, i.e.: southwestern, ’60s vintage, or even the hard shiny brass of the ’80s, they can still work together and look amazing. Some call it eclectic, I prefer to say stunning. In Elizabeth’s world, there is no right or wrong way to place things that you love.

A flurry of activity erupts once the 8am photo is posted, the comment section comes to life, the nostalgia of her pieces brings people together. Every three minutes starting at 4pm that same Friday an individual item is featured, and the sale is live. It’s like an auction without the bidding. The price is stated on the individual item post and the first-person to write “mine” or “me” wins. If they ultimately pass on the item, it goes to the next person who commented. It’s a supportive shopping community, with everyone congratulating the winners; but if you don’t have your notifications turned on or a 4pm alarm set, you might miss the opportunity to own vintage aluminum Christmas trees, handmade Indian tapestries, wicker chairs, screens and shelves, and so much more. The sale ends at 6pm, Elizabeth offers shipping, contact-less pick up, and accepts payments through cash apps such as Venmo and PayPal.

While getting to know this self-proclaimed extrovert, I had to ask, who/what is her inspiration? She answered her mom swoon, but also Dolly Parton squeal. Elizabeth is an artist who cuts her own frames for gallery pieces, a furniture refurbisher who knows just enough to rewire a lamp, and an entrepreneur who understands the importance of community. Since COVID, Elizabeth has been donating a portion of sales from her original art to galleries of choice. Additionally, if an item of specific origin sells she notes donating proceeds to an organization that benefits who/where it came from.

House hippo, original artwork, Mickey Mouse and Miss Piggy bedsheets, hand-sewn quilts and a handmade rug – all in one Friday. You just never know what you’re going to get, but now you know, so check out Elizabeth Daniel – Décor on Facebook and set your alarms.

By Ni'Col Revell

Ni'Col Revell

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