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Absolute Fishing Guides


GIVE A MAN A FISH… TEACH A MAN TO FISH… Toby Leavendusky has a love of fishing, fun and family and in 2020 turned that love into a business: Absolute Fishing Guides. “Before officially becoming a guide I was at the lake whenever time would allow, taking friends and family that wanted to learn how to catch fish.” In addition to being a husband, dad and fisherman, he’s also a...

Thai hot, cha cha


Loving to cook was our starting point. Happiness from customer’s faces and seeing them return is our motivation.
We enjoy studying the culture differences, food culture and adopting Americanized tastes
while maintaining authentic Thai style to bring together two cultures in harmony.

The Distinque’ Gentleman + Heavenly Creations

Shoes The Distinque' Gentleman

Per usual, I was running late, however a stunning site stopped me in my tracks. With shoes shined, Fedoras, perfectly tailored suits, gorgeous silk ties and pocket squares- a group of seven or eight gentlemen came gliding up the sidewalk. “Superfly,” “Smooth Operator” and the theme music from 007 movies simultaneously rushed into my head. Every girl (or boy) IS crazy ‘bout...

Food is Medicine


Enliven is a nutrition and wellness center that focuses on transforming the mind, body and soul using food as medicine. You are what you eat so why not eat well, live well and be well.

Alison Beebe

TopekaCity Flavorista "Love Where You Live"

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To be the premier lifestyle guide for adults in Topeka, featuring the finest offerings in entertainment establishments, art and nightlife. We seek to refine area information and offer suggestions to empower Topekans and guests with a variety of choices.

• Create an incomparable publication rich in design and content
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