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Toby Leavendusky has a love of fishing, fun and family and in 2020 turned that love into a business: Absolute Fishing Guides. “Before officially becoming a guide I was at the lake whenever time would allow, taking friends and family that wanted to learn how to catch fish.” In addition to being a husband, dad and fisherman, he’s also a practicing nurse.

Trips are half or full day. Regular half-day trip leave times are 7a and 3p. Toby provides everything needed: poles, tackle, water and Gatorade. Snacks are welcome. He does utilize Garmin Livescope (a sonar scanning fish finder) but according to the reviews on his business page, he hardly needs it.

The cost is a $50 dollar boat charge and $100 per person for half day trips, with a minimum of two people. Before departing, he cleans the fish and sends happy anglers home with fillets ready to cook.

“I am able to take anglers for any species they want to target, but I specialize in crappie. I will respond within 24 hours for anglers wanting to schedule a trip, but make sure to leave a phone number.” Other options include night fishing for catfish and a pontoon boat for larger fishing parties.

It’s probably unfair to ask which lake is his favorite, but he leans towards Milford. His favorite lake for crappie fishing is Perry. “My favorite time to catch crappie is in the winter before the ice.”

Recipe for Onion Crappie:
Line the bottom of a skillet with cubed onion and butter. Place the thawed fillets on top of the onion (single layer). Add your favorite seasonings on the fillets. Cook on low medium heat with the lid off. Have water in a cup handy, add the water to the onions as they cook to keep them from burning. Once the onions are caramelized, the fish is steamed. Scoop out a serving of onions and crappie and place over some dirty rice”.

A man that can catch and cook dinner. Toby is a “reel catch.”

A guided fishing trip with Toby would make a perfect gift.

Give him a call at 845.6043

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