A Girl's Best Friend


The spine is worn and cracked with love, proudly displayed atop my cabinet of wine glasses, always an arm’s reach away. Greg Fox’s cookbook “FRESH: recipes from RowHouse” [self published, 2012] has been like a best girlfriend to me: inspirational, challenging, fun and always there exactly when needed, during some personal, pivotal life moments. Joyful after a successful first date (beef medallions with red wine demi, creamy grits, and lima beans, p81). Comforting, crunchy and tangy when said relationship crashed, hard (garlic and peppercorn crusted beef with Worcestershire vinaigrette, p91). Thoughtfully indulgent as I wooed my Secret Santa at work with homemade treats (mocha chocolate brownies, p131). Celebratory after I won a coveted Judges’ Choice at a personally-hosted Soup Off competition (creamy tomato dill, p53). All the recipes in “Fresh” are like my friend, Greg; uncomplicated and respectfully refined, original and heartfelt, and most of all, joyful.
If you don’t have a “Fresh” friend in your home, need not cry over spilt milk. “Out There: Recipes and Stories from The Hamptons” is at the printer and will be available May/June 2019. The first in its series, be sure to grab a copy and join Greg and the fam as he cooks, tastes and celebrates regional flavors. It’s bound to be inspirational for all occasions and locations.

By Kerrice Mapes

Kerrice Mapes

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