Absolute Fishing Guides


GIVE A MAN A FISH… TEACH A MAN TO FISH… Toby Leavendusky has a love of fishing, fun and family and in 2020 turned that love into a business: Absolute Fishing Guides. “Before officially becoming a guide I was at the lake whenever time would allow, taking friends and family that wanted to learn how to catch fish.” In addition to being a husband, dad and fisherman, he’s also a...



THE LIFE + LEGACY OF BLAKE CAZIER seveneightfive contributor coordinator Kristen Shook The following article is a first person account of the short life of Blake Cazier and the foundation that formed by his family in the aftermath of his death. It is my belief and hope there are not many in our community who are unfamiliar with the incredible life and legacy of Blake Cazier. Jaclyn and Chris...

KANSAS… A Good Place to Mountain Bike


by Scott Stebner | photos by Scott Stebner For Topeka native Trevor Dabney, mountain biking, much less trail building, was never at the front of his mind. After all, Kansas has the reputation for being a flyover state.In his youth, Trevor sought after and excelled at two-wheeled sports, like BMX and motocross, which provided an optimal blend of adventure and adrenaline. As he progressed into...

World Famous Topeka Zoo


A JEWEL TO BEHOLD FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGESby Tom Krebs | photos by Jill Goetz | photos by Jennifer Goetz + Jeff Carson “Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo; I do believe it’s true..” – Paul Simon Yes, it’s definitely happening these days at Topeka’s jewel of a zoo. A new giraffe exhibit, which includes Hope, who underwent a groundbreaking veterinary...

The End of Reefer Madness


URBAN FARMING | INDUSTRIAL HEMP | SENATE BILL 560 For those of us from a certain generation, if you search the recesses of our closets hard enough, you’ll likely find a faded (too small to fit now) black shirt bearing the red logo of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program. Millions of dollars were spent throughout the ’80s and ’90s teaching kids about the evils of drug...

The Life of Tom Krebs


Thomas A. (Tom) Krebs died on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, from cancer and its complications. He was 70 years old. Tom was born and raised in Wichita, KS, the son of John D. Krebs and Jeane Landry. He later moved to northeast Kansas, where he graduated from KU. Self-described hippies, Tom and several of his friends, including his older brother, Jack Krebs, and Jack’s wife, Jill Krebs, bought a...

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